String of Pearls

I love these succulents so much! My mother gave me one she had and I have looked after it ever since. They look so delicate as they cascade off the edge of the pot. Truly an elegant plant. This is a trailing plant so once its tendrils reach the ground or the windowsill in my case, I take a sharp pair of scissors and give them a trim. All you have to do to keep a full pot is strip off the top couple pearls and stick it back in the pot. Easy as that.


String of Pearls can grow in so many places! I have moved mine around a lot in the past couple of months and they are doing great. These little pearls do best with bright light. Be careful how much direct light they get, if they get too much the pearls can change color or shrivel up and die.


This is considered a succulent plant and is incredibly drought tolerant. In the spring and summer you can manage by giving these guys a good soak one week and then let it sit around for another week or two. In the winter you can cut waterings to once per month. It is very important to have well-draining soil like a cacti mix with the String of Pearls. If they sit in wet soil too long they will develop root rot.


String of Pearl is a succulent so you don’t have to worry about humidity much at all. It can tolerate average to dry conditions with no issue. Be mindful to keep it away from cold drafts as it might limit growth.


The average indoor temperature for a String of Pearls should be around 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 degrees Celcius. This will suit it well all through its growing season. When it begins to go dormant you will need to cool the temperatures down to between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 10-13 degrees Celsius.


Succulents like this one don’t usually need a lot of fertilizer and too much could even kill the plant. During its growing season which is spring and summer, you can fertilize once every 2 to 4 weeks. No need to worry about fertilizer in the fall and winter! Make sure your fertilizer is diluted so as not to shock the plant.


Even though this plant looks pretty, it is somewhat toxic to pets and children. Take care to place this out of reach of little paws and fingers.


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