About Me

“Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. I am Makayla Johnson and I love plants. Although my husband and I do not have any kids, I am a proud plant parent to 53 plants and counting! Currently, I am serving as a college pastor in a local church plant, I am studying Environmental Science in the Texas State Graduate program, and I am on a mission to inspire others to create green spaces in their everyday life. Below I invite you to participate with us in our three main goals: Inspiration, Sustainability, and Love.”

~ Makayla


The ultimate hope is to inspire others to become more involved with nature, especially with house plants! (I know I am biased but there are so many reasons to love them)


The second goal is to teach others ways to not only be sustainable in keeping their plants alive but also to strive for creation sustainability.


The third goal is to help plant parents truly love plants. Plants have so many benefits so why not find new reasons to love them? Am I right?

Let’s build something together.

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