Golden Pothos Care

This beautiful little plant was the first plant I ever received. It is just a breeze to care for! My grandmother had a rather large Golden Pothos for almost 4 years before she sniped a few cuttings, propagated them, and gave them to my sister and I for Christmas in 2018. Mine started with just a few leaves and has taken off!

Here are a few things to know about your Golden Pothos.


These plants are known for tolerating low light conditions fairly well as well as bright indirect light. If your plant is somewhere with less light such as an east or north facing window it will survive just fine but do know that if you keep it near a south or west facing window they will grow much faster. This medium to bright indirect light will help the plant sprout some leaves with gorgeous variegation that you might not see in a shadier spot. Just remember that they don’t do so well in direct sunlight for very long. The direct light can scorch the leaves and cause browning. I keep mine in a south facing window which receives filtered light and it does wonderfully. 


Golden Pothos are forgiving little guys. They like to be kept moist but not saturated. Wait until the top inch of soil is dry and then give it a good soak. You can check how dry the plant is by sticking your finger in the pot near the root ball. Water your plant until you see water coming out the bottom. Be careful not to over water your Pothos. If it is wet for too long it’s leaves will turn yellow and potentially fall off.


Pothos are truly a simple plant to care for. They will do well in low humidity but much like in the case with light requirements, will grow much faster in higher humidity. If you see brown tips on your plant this may be a sign that the air is too dry.


Golden Pothos do well in a range of 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit or 18-30 degrees Celsius. 


These plants tend to be quick growers when in optimal light and humidity so they don’t need much fertilizer. If you do want to give your Pothos a snack, do so every 6 months with an all purpose houseplant fertilizer. 


Pothos plants are mildly toxic for humans and our pets. If ingested, Pothos can cause mouth and stomach irritation and occasionally vomiting. Take care to keep it away from small children and pets.

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